The Fotonovela


Because the most important message

begins with a good story...


     A series of bold, black-and-white photographs shrewdly linked to tell a tale.  Simple text in white bubbles expertly woven to impart a crucial message.  Both words and pictures - seemingly the frozen frames of an old-time movie reel - combining to create touching stories of humor, caution, happiness, or sorrow.

     This is the power and promise of the fotonovela - a pop literary tradition that runs deep in the soul and history of Europe and Latin America.

     While once used strictly for mass entertainment purposes, the live-action comic book has been reborn and revitalized for the new millennium. Its popular folk format is now used as an effective communications tool by community outreach organizations, government agencies, and corporate advertisers.  The fotonovelas entertain and inform the promoter's target audiences while providing eye-catching alternatives to shallow broadcast spots, stuffy reports, and stacks of glossy corporate communiqu├ęs.

     Conceived before the advent of television or computers, fotonovelas are emerging from their kitschy past to entice a whole new generation of readers and to once again become a modern cultural force.

     Now they are available to you here, at the turn of a page. . .